Create a “Top 10 Rated Documents” web part using the Content Query Web Part


SharePoint 2010

This is a pretty cool and easy web part to setup in SharePoint 2010! We can now use the ratings column from within list and libraries to be able to query and/or filter by via the Content Query web part. First, you need a list or library that has the ratings feature turned on and documents/items that have been rated. Second, you need to add the Content Query web part to a page and make edits to the web part’s properties.

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Document library we are starting with:

Modify the Content Query Web Part:

  • Add the Content Query web part (under the Content Rollup category) to a page
  • Edit the web part to bring up the Content Query properties
  • Expand “Query”
  • Select a source (you can show items just from one list/library, from a specific site in the site collection, or the entire site collection)
  • Under “List Type”, select the appropriate list or library type. In my case I chose Document Library.
  • Under “Additional Filters”, select “Rating (0-5)” in the first drop down menu and “is greater than or equal to” in the second drop down menu
  • Enter the number 0 in the text box below “is greater than or equal to”
  • Expand “Presentation”
  • Under “Sort items by”, select “Ratings (0-5)” in the first drop down menu
  • Make sure “Limit the number of items to display” is checked and enter the number 10 for “Item limit”
  • Under “Styles”, change “Item style” to “Bulleted title” (optional)
  • Expand “Appearance”
  • Change “Title” to “Top 10 Rated Documents” (or to whatever you would like)
  • Click “Apply” and “Ok”

You should now have a web part that displays the top 10 rated documents from your source selection!


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