Make PowerShell Speak!



Turn on your speakers, open up PowerShell and type this:

(new-object -com SAPI.SpVoice).speak(“Welcome to the SP2010 Blog”)

Amazing, right!?

Now, this really has zero to do with SharePoint – unless you are brave enough to script this in with the results of a ULS log! : )

However, it’s still interesting to know just how powerful POWERShell is.


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5 Comments on “Make PowerShell Speak!”

  1. Sean Kearney Says:

    THAT was hands down the coolest thing!

    Generally if it’s accessible programatically in Windows? Powershell can do it.

    I’m actually going to add that feature to the Powershell Christmas tree for next year!



    The Energized Tech


  2. Sean Kearney Says:


    Share and enjoy.

    Your Commandlet now as Function called “Out-Voice”
    Usage Out-Voice Text

    function global:out-voice ($words) {

    (new-object -com SAPI.SpVoice).speak($words)



    The Energized Tech


  3. olaleye Says:

    Hi Chaps,

    I take it I need to have SharePoint 2010 to actually experience thsi, right? Cool though…


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