I ran into this the other day when I needed to research an error. I opened up the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell to look at the log events by typing:

Get-SPLogEvent | ?{$_.Correlation -eq “Enter Correlation ID Here”} | ft Timestamp, Category, Message -Autosize

Then I thought to myself, “I don’t want to have to type this each time I have an error”. So, I decided to make it a function, add it to my PowerShell profile, and be done with it. If you would like to do the same, here is what I added to my PowerShell profile:

function Get-SPError ($errorid){
Get-SPLogEvent | ?{$_.Correlation -eq $errorid} | ft Timestamp, Category, Message -Autosize

Now, all I have to type when I see the next SharePoint 2010 error screen is this:

Get-SPError “Enter Correlation ID Here”

Ahhhh, much better! 🙂



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2 Comments on “Get-SPError”

  1. Yuri Says:

    So, how can I edit the PowerShell Profile?


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