Move a Site within a Site Collection using Content and Structure


SharePoint 2010

Sometimes the simplest of tasks are those that go unnoticed. Take for instance moving a subsite within a site collection. Naturally, the first instinct may be to use PowerShell and its many wonders to do the export and import to perform the move – or perhaps generating a site template and recreating it in the desired location. Well, actually there is a frequently overlooked link in Site Settings that could perform the action for us using the UI – Content and Structure.

Go to Site Actions > Site Settings and located the Content and Structure link under the Site Administration section:

You should now be on the Site Content and Structure page. Yes, please pay no attention to the hideous SharePoint 2007-like look and feel. For this purpose, I would like to move the Helpdesk site under the Computer Support site. I can easily use the drop down on Helpdesk and select Move:

A dialog box will display where we can select the site to move our Helpdesk site under:

Click Ok and let SharePoint do its magic. Note you may see a message that says you will be automatically redirected to the newly moved site. That’s it! Now the site is at the desired location:

I told you it was simple.



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5 Comments on “Move a Site within a Site Collection using Content and Structure”

  1. Brian Says:

    its driving me buggy: I cannot locate Content and Structure on the site admin menu’s in SP 2013 – first time I’ve had to move a subsite and I cannot figure out where to go to do it! Does anyone have any tips?


  2. Dawn Says:

    Thank you so much. This saved me hours!


  3. Bujji Says:

    moving document items from one site to another site in SharePoint 2010 using site content and structure.

    getting Error:


    Help me….


  4. Emily Says:

    Is it possible to make the subsite the parent site? Using your example, to move “Help Desk” to the “IT” slot, making IT a subsite to Help Desk?


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