Enable Report to Moderator in SharePoint 2013 Community Sites


SharePoint 2013

The new Community Site in SharePoint 2013 is a new capability that I personally think will have people eager to move to the latest version of SharePoint. Let’s be honest, in previous versions the discussion boards were lacking serious features that even message boards in the early 90’s had. Microsoft has made vast improvements in this area and now matches features found in 3rd party products as well as even the MSDN forums.

As with any discussion board or forum we need to be cautious of what the end users are saying in their posts and replies. In most environments, I think it would be too much overhead to dedicate a resource to handle the content review. Apparently Microsoft agrees as there is an option to enable the reporting of offensive content. Here is how to turn that on:

Our community site

The ellipses showing that the user has no option to report the comment as offensive

As an admin to the site I am shown Community tools in the upper right of our community site. Here I can select “Community settings.”

On the Community Settings screen, check “Enable reporting of offensive content” on the “Reporting of offensive content” section. Click OK.

Now, when the user finds a comment that they feel is offensive they can select the ellipses and are now shown a “Report to Moderator” option

This option pops up a dialog box for the user to enter a comment stating why they felt this comment was offensive.

Once sent, the user is shown a status message indicating to them that the report was sent and that an Administrator will be reviewing soon.

The user can now see that the comment has been reported.

Simple and easy! Your users are now handling self-moderation in your environment – eliminating the burden of a dedicated resource or help desk tickets. In a subsequent post, we will cover report post moderation and how to delete or dismiss the reported comment.



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2 Comments on “Enable Report to Moderator in SharePoint 2013 Community Sites”

  1. Emily Masters Says:

    Thanks Adam. Indeed, the reporting of offensive content is a useful option for community site owners to have at their disposal.


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