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SharePoint 2013

You have probably heard by now that SharePoint 2013 has native PDF support. If you haven’t, then your jaw probably just hit the floor. That’s right; we now have things like a PDF iFilter built right in for searching PDFs. Add in the new features of Office Web Apps 2013 and Office 2013 and you have options like “Print to PDF” directly from the document preview pane. Let’s go over how that looks and the steps necessary to complete.

Navigate to a library or web part of your choice storing the document in which you would like to convert to PDF. Then, select “…” to the right of the document to display the document preview screen.

Locate the Menu button on the lower right of the document preview. Click the button and here we find “Print to PDF

Select “Print to PDF” – a conversion will now take place.

The document will be converted to PDF then stored and accessed from a word-view beta address (…). When you select “Click here to view the PDF of your document“, the converted PDF document will render in the browser and prompt printing options. You can cancel the printing options should you choose and access additional options like download, paging, zooming, etc. Simple as that! It’s about time, right!?



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9 Comments on “Print to PDF in SharePoint 2013”

  1. jimsanders1 Says:

    Good work Adam.


  2. Emily Masters Says:

    That was long overdue, cheers Adam.


  3. Paul-Emile Says:

    Hi, thanks for the valuble info. Do you know if it can convert InfoPath document to PDF as well?


  4. stephen velasco Says:

    Great news! Have you seen whether or not the “print to pdf” option brings all the metadata over? My difficulty (since 2007) has been, if you create a doc library with custom columns (anything outside the normal MS document properties) and have a Word content type – fill out the extra custom metadata fields and then convert to .pdf. The custom metadata does *not* come over to the .pdf. All the general (standard) document properties come over, but none of the custom fields do. Makes an archiving solution rather difficult.


  5. ashbedwell Says:

    I wish there was an easy way to save IP forms as PDF. Not many users at our installation have Pro but have to attach the forms in other external applications so it’s a request I get a lot. We can’t use most third party tools since we’re a military base with very strict secturity.


  6. Nancy Says:

    Is this an Enterprise -only feature?



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