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A Snippet to Create New Snippets in PowerShell ISE v3


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I came across this article on how to create a new snippet in PowerShell ISE v3. I wanted to take it a step further and have a snippet for creating new snippets so not to have to remember this each time. Here is the code to create a new snippet: To create a snippet for […]

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List All SharePoint 2013 PowerShell Commands


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The preview has been released and with it comes many new features and capabilities. Microsoft continues to invest in PowerShell, as noted through their recent previews of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. SharePoint 2013 makes no exception. The preview includes 772 commands! Get Count (Get-Command -PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell).count List All Commands Get-Command –PSSnapin “Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell” | […]

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Change the Approvers Group in a Workflow with PowerShell



I recently received a request where someone needed a script that could programmatically switch the approvers group set in a workflow to a newly created SharePoint group. They wanted this to be scripted so they could run this multiple times, if necessary. I thought to myself, “Well this should be easy, I’m sure the Approvers […]

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Add Heading and Links to the Global Navigation using PowerShell



Sometimes doing a task 100 times through the UI just doesn’t seem right – this is one of those times. I had a need to add a heading and several links to every site in a Site Collection. I wanted the script to be easy enough to where you wouldn’t have to modify it for […]

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Enable Office Web Apps across Site Collections using PowerShell



So you have installed and configured the amazing Office Web Apps for SharePoint 2010. You are now at the step of activating it for your users. Perform this quick tip to use PowerShell to activate the feature across all of your site collections within a given web application. Read more… _____________________ Sponsors *Trusted SharePoint Ads […]

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