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Presenting at SharePoint Saturday Richmond



Join me on December 4th, 2010 as I present at SharePoint Saturday Richmond. Session and description below: Intro to PowerShell with SharePoint In this session, we will take a step back from going technically in depth to answer your basic questions like:   What is PowerShell? Where can I find it? Who can run it? […]

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Add BackConnectionHostNames to the registry via PowerShell



Since it is a server thing and not a SharePoint thing, SP2010 will still have issues trying to hit a FQDN from the server. This means you may see weird errors in your crawl log for search. Many people simply disabled the loopback check to get around this. However, that is not the best resolution […]

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I ran into this the other day when I needed to research an error. I opened up the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell to look at the log events by typing: Get-SPLogEvent | ?{$_.Correlation -eq “Enter Correlation ID Here”} | ft Timestamp, Category, Message -Autosize Then I thought to myself, “I don’t want to have to […]

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Set a Site Collection to Read Only via PowerShell



If you need to set a site collection to read only, all you have to do is run two lines in PowerShell. First, to verify the results, let’s look at the site when it is NOT read only: As you can tell by the ribbon UI, you are able to select New Document, Upload Document, […]

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Change the IIS Log File Directory via PowerShell



One of the best things to do in your SharePoint environment is to relocate your log files to a central location. This gets them off of the C drive and easier to find during troubleshooting of issues. This change is pretty simple to do in PowerShell, but could cause an error and confusion if you […]

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