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SharePoint Hurdle Series #2



I’ve had a handful of obstacles to overcome since the initial announcement of the SharePoint Hurdle Series. This either proves two things: I know little about SharePoint or SharePoint is so massive of a platform that you can’t assume to be an expert on it all. I’m hoping the latter but pretty confident it’s the […]

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Move a Site within a Site Collection using Content and Structure



Sometimes the simplest of tasks are those that go unnoticed. Take for instance moving a subsite within a site collection. Naturally, the first instinct may be to use PowerShell and its many wonders to do the export and import to perform the move – or perhaps generating a site template and recreating it in the […]

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Change the Approvers Group in a Workflow with PowerShell



I recently received a request where someone needed a script that could programmatically switch the approvers group set in a workflow to a newly created SharePoint group. They wanted this to be scripted so they could run this multiple times, if necessary. I thought to myself, “Well this should be easy, I’m sure the Approvers […]

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Add Heading and Links to the Global Navigation using PowerShell



Sometimes doing a task 100 times through the UI just doesn’t seem right – this is one of those times. I had a need to add a heading and several links to every site in a Site Collection. I wanted the script to be easy enough to where you wouldn’t have to modify it for […]

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Intro to the SharePoint Hurdle Series



SharePoint is like the stereotypical bad-child that you love so much and would do anything for, yet sometimes you just want to wring its neck and knock some sense into it! Well, the SharePoint Hurdle Series will chronicle those moments where I have been sucker punched by the SharePoint Gods and graced with yet another […]

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