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Change “SharePoint” Text in Top Left to Company Logo



By now you have noticed the “SharePoint” text in the top left corner on SharePoint 2013. What if you would like to replace this with your own text, or better yet a clickable image of your company logo? Once again PowerShell is here to help you. Note that this is a Web Application level change […]

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SharePoint Server 2013 Update Released



The first update to SharePoint Server 2013 has been released. The release notes one known issue and resolves another: Known Issue You receive the following error message two times during the update installation process: Microsoft SharePoint Foundation administration tool has stopped responding This issue occurs after you put the update in the Updates folder on […]

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Print to PDF in SharePoint 2013



You have probably heard by now that SharePoint 2013 has native PDF support. If you haven’t, then your jaw probably just hit the floor. That’s right; we now have things like a PDF iFilter built right in for searching PDFs. Add in the new features of Office Web Apps 2013 and Office 2013 and you […]

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Enable Report to Moderator in SharePoint 2013 Community Sites



The new Community Site in SharePoint 2013 is a new capability that I personally think will have people eager to move to the latest version of SharePoint. Let’s be honest, in previous versions the discussion boards were lacking serious features that even message boards in the early 90’s had. Microsoft has made vast improvements in […]

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Microsoft used Find and Replace in SharePoint 2013?



I was investigating new capabilities in PowerShell for SharePoint 2013 and stumbled across this for Export-SPWeb (highlighted in yellow): I thought to myself, “I’m pretty sure SharePoint 2010 could export a library”. Curious, I opened up at 2010 environment and took a look. Sure enough: Seems like the fine folks on the Product team at […]

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