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A Snippet to Create New Snippets in PowerShell ISE v3


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I came across this article on how to create a new snippet in PowerShell ISE v3. I wanted to take it a step further and have a snippet for creating new snippets so not to have to remember this each time. Here is the code to create a new snippet: To create a snippet for […]

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Add Heading and Links to the Global Navigation using PowerShell



Sometimes doing a task 100 times through the UI just doesn’t seem right – this is one of those times. I had a need to add a heading and several links to every site in a Site Collection. I wanted the script to be easy enough to where you wouldn’t have to modify it for […]

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Add an Input Box to Your SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Scripts



For all of you busy SharePointers out there, this may be a helpful addition to your PowerShell scripts. Adding an input box to a script allows it to be reusable instead of only for a certain web app, site collection, or site. Think of it as an interactive way of passing parameters into PowerShell commands. […]

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List All SharePoint 2010 PowerShell Commands



In order to master SharePoint 2010, you will have to get comfortable utilizing PowerShell (aka SharePoint 2010 Management Shell). There are so many commands (or command-lets as they are called) that interact with SharePoint that it makes it nearly impossible to remember them all. Use this PowerShell command to output a list of all cmdlets that […]

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